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The Writing Studies Program at Tacoma Community College is committed to student-centered learning that values diverse expression. We recognize writing is audience-centered and should be appreciated in all forms. We honor writing that is creative, self-reflective, critically astute, and socially conscious. We believe writing studies should prepare students to be lifelong learners equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s world. We believe in ongoing work toward social justice and we foreground anti-racist and culturally responsive practices. We commit to continually challenging our own assumptions and actively growing in our efforts to dismantle traditional practices that harm others. At its best, written communication is a means by which to celebrate expression, encourage understanding, and affect social change, both locally and globally.

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Associate of Arts (DTA) Specialization in Literature

Begin with an Associate of Arts degree with Direct Transfer Agreement into a Bachelor program in English or related field. TCC offers the Associate of Arts (DTA) degree with a Literature Specialization. Studying English and literature prepares students for a diverse range of professional fields, including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, business, medicine, technology, and the fine arts.


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Associate of Arts (DTA) - Specialization in Interdisciplinary Writing Studies

TCC’s Interdisciplinary Writing Studies Specialization of the Associate of Arts (DTA) degree provides well-rounded academic preparation, real-world writing experience, and work-related skills for transfer to a wide variety of four-year college or university programs and for entry into the workforce. This specialization is also a great choice for students who know they want to transfer but haven’t yet decided exactly what they want to do with their lives. 


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